40 NB Automatic or Manual multiport valves, 15 NB multiport valves and in / out adaptors can be directly screwed onto these vessels.


  1. Single piece moulded, corrosion free polyethylene cylinders.
  2. These light weight cylinders, can be used interchangeably for filters, softeners, demineralisers.
  3. High impact strength.
  4. Great aesthetic appeal.
  5. Economical.
  6. Quick delivery.

Technical Specifications:

1. Top opening only 2-1/2″ NPSF (8 tpi)
2. Maximum Operating Pressure 4 kg/cm2
3. Maximum Temp. 400C
4. Riser Pipe 10kg/m2 class rigid PVC
Optional 32 mm O.D. for 80 lit. vessels