Upflow Softner


The up flow Softener incorporates the proven technique of counter flow regeneration, which produces treated water with low residual hardness throughout the cycle.

These softeners are specially designed to suit small and medium scale industries.

A strongly acidic caution exchange resin in sodium forms used to exchange sodium ions for hardness forming calcium and magnesium, and thus produce soft water. At the end of each service cycle, the resin is regenerated with sodium chloride solution, after which the unit is ready for the next service cycle. The unit can be easily assembled and does not require any elaborate foundation. Up flow Softeners are available in a range of different sizes (see Technical Data).


One mild steel pressure vessel, complete with internal distribution and collecting system, painted internally with anti-corrosive bit mastic paint and externally with a protective coat of red oxide primer.

One charge of resin.

One plastic salt-saturation tank.

One set of frontal pipe work, complete with valves and one hardness test kit.


  1. Easy to install and simple to operate.
  2. Consistent treated water quality.
  3. Lower regeneration cast.
  4. Low cost of maintenance.
  5. Incorporates high-capacity, bead-type caution exchange resin which is highly stable and has a long life.